All About Housing Co-ops

Let's talk housing! Join us as we learn more about the housing cooperative development and process and how they work. Join us as Peter Dean, Director of the National Co-op Community Services, and Andrew Reicher, Executive Director of UHAB, share their expertise in the housing co-op sector. 

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Description automatically generatedAndy Reicher served as the Executive Director of UHAB for over 40 years until retiring earlier this year. During that time UHAB developed over 1,000 limited-equity housing co-ops in New York City with over 30,000 household members. Andy now works with UHAB’s National Cooperative Community Services which trains co-ops, community land trusts (CLTs), and other non-profit partners throughout the country to develop permanently affordable housing co-ops, and support organizations, in their regions.


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Description automatically generated with medium confidencePeter Dean serves as the Director of UHAB’s National Cooperative Community Services which is working to share UHAB’s 50 year experience with groups around the country looking to develop permanently affordable cooperative housing, through limited-equity housing cooperatives typically on community land trusts (CLTs). Peter has 40 years of cooperative and affordable housing experience ranging from grocery, cable television co-ops to housing, and has variously worked for the Cooperative Housing Foundation and Cooperative Services, Inc. (CSI) as their Maryland regional manager.