Foodpreneur School

Oct 2, 2023, 3:00pm - 6:30pm
Ross County Service Center, 475 Western Ave, Chillicothe, OH
Samantha Black

Foodpreneur School: Marketing and Growth for your food and farm business 

Looking to grow you food and farm business? Foodpreneur School is a two part program focused on helping grow your business and customer base through branding, marketing and sales. 

This two day program will focus on business growth via improved marketing and sales; awareness of resources to help implement new marketing and sales approaches; identification of business marketing goals and action steps to work toward those goals.  Learning sessions will include a hands-on component and take-away resource for all participants. 

09/25/2023, 3:-6:30p.m., Session I, Topic Focus: Branding & Sales

Branding: A focus on how to build an impactful brand and the importance of consistency throughout a business’s activities.

     Taught by Melanie Sherman, Business Counselor,  Small Business Development Center, OSU South Centers

Sales: Introduction to formal sales strategies and techniques that are important for small businesses.  

     Taught by Dale Anne Davidson, Retired Senior Lecturer,  The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

10/02/2023, 3-6:30p.m., Session II, Topic Focus: Customer Engagement and Targeting, SMART goal setting

Target customer: A focus on how businesses can get to know their “target customer” better, including better understanding of demographic, psychographic, and other characteristics of their customers and strategies for efficiently soliciting customer feedback.

     Taught by Christie Welch, Direct Food & Agricultural Marketing Specialist,  Ohio State University Extension

Customer engagement: A focus on strategies to reach customers with your business’s message, including areas like building a customer list, using email/text/social media effectively, and tools to enhance customer engagement strategies.

     Taught by Hannah Lewis, Lewis Marketing Co.

Marketing goal setting: Introduction to SMART goals. Identification of marketing goals and actions using a table coaching approach.

     Table coaching by Foodpreneur School organizing team

This event is free but participants must pre-register.