Innovative Management Strategies Roundtable Event

On behalf of Mid America Cooperative Council, and in partnership with The Ohio State University, CFAES Center for Cooperatives, please join us in the next co-op roundtable focusing on innovative management strategies.


In late 2021, COBA/Select Sires, a 70-year old cooperative headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, announced Chris Sigurdson as the co-op’s next general manager. Sigurdson also leads Minnesota/Select Sires Coop Inc. and, as shared in this article, the two co-ops are “developing a plan to share resources and to maximize service to member-owner-customers…”


These two co-ops realized that in a briskly changing market, the rapidly rising business costs and the generations next career interests emerging, they need to embrace a "shared resource" strategy in 2021. Their idea is to address the above topics while besting historical and competitive performance in the dairy and beef genetic sectors they serve. This approach allows separate companies to operate while leadership teams explore possibilities to share and get better while avoiding what can be a costly delays of merging companies. While that might eventually come; sharing resources is in full swing and the benefits are growing.
Chris has been in key leadership roles at bovine genetic companies for 18 years now and over 30 in the dairy and beef space locally, domestically and internationally. Formally educated with a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota, it's the career long opportunity to gain valuable insights from mentors and learn from colleagues coupled with a passion to serve farmers that compelled him to embrace this new role.


Join our online Co-op Roundtable to hear from Chris Sigurdson about leading both cooperatives and the innovative approach needed to make it successful.