OSU Extension Annual Conference

For the second consecutive year, Extension Annual Conference and the Community Engagement Conference will be held in conjunction with one another. The Community Engagement Conference will take be on January 23-24, 2019 and the Extension Annual Conference on January 24-25. The Extension and Ohio JCEP Awards Banquet will be in the afternoon/evening of January 24, with the professional development conference day on January 25. The conferences will bring together faculty, staff, students and community partners to focus on professional development and networking, while exploring new potential engagement partnerships. The theme of this year’s conference is Partnering for a Resilient and Sustainable Future

On Friday, January 25, Hannah Scott and Ivory Harlow will present an Ignite Session on Worker Ownership: Sustainable Economic Development through the Cooperative Model.  Cooperative businesses create a resilient and sustainable future for worker-owners. Co-ops create viable longterm employment and opportunities for career advancement; particularly for individuals in distressed economies and service industries. Additionally, worker-ownership empowers people, improves their quality of life, and enhances the communities in which they live and work. We will present best practices of working together to support economic development. Using Unity Coffee and Teahouse, Parkersburg, West Virginia’s first workerowned cooperative, as a model, we will inspire educators, students, business and community developers to collaborate for greater impact. Participants will recognize the value of diversity in partnerships and learn best practices of engaged service to achieve a shared goal.