Understanding Generational Gaps in Communication; Words versus Emojis Presented by Michele Padilla

On behalf of Mid America Cooperative Council, and in partnership with The Ohio State University, CFAES Center for Cooperatives, please join us in the next online session focusing on understanding generational gaps within the workplace.

There’s no complaining about generational differences in this session!

In 2022, there are five (5) different generations in the workforce with similar and dissimilar communication preferences. Learn about what has shaped generational preferences in communication and how to interpret the changes from generation to generation. Whether you write formal emails or use more emojis than words in your writing, you’ll be able to build a bridge to communicate more effectively and decrease misunderstandings.


•Learn how communication preferences have been shaped by generations

•Identify communication gaps between generations

•Pinpoint why there are problems interpreting communications of yesterday to today

•Build a bridge to alleviate communication gaps between generations