Meet our New Team Members!

July 12, 2022
CFAES Center for Cooperatives Team

The Ohio State University South Centers, CFAES Center for Cooperatives would like to introduce our newest team members, Melissa Whitt, Program Specialist, and Samantha Black, Program Coordinator, to the team!

Melissa Whitt has over 15 years’ experience in communication, marketing, community engagement and business development. Her background in working with diverse organizations to facilitate cooperation in relationships and bridge gaps in communication, Melissa is excited to be apart of the Center for Cooperatives and begin working with individuals in the cooperative process. Melissa will be operating as a CFAES Center for Cooperatives program specialist, providing educational trainings and implementing programs

For contact information or to learn more about Melissa, click here

Samantha Black has been working with county and state agencies in the southern Ohio region for the last 14 years in assisting individuals with grants, assistance programs and scholarships. With a background in program management, communications, and working with various board of directors, Sam is eager to expand her skills and knowledge with the CFAES Center for Cooperatives. Samantha is the program coordinator with the CFAES Center for Cooperatives team, responsible for the Centers communication, scheduling and coordinating trainings.

For contact information or to learn more about Sam, click here.