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Student Cooperative Start-up Toolkit: A Guide to Creating your Own Student-Led Agricultural Co-op

Student Cooperative Start-up ToolkitA student-led cooperative, where young people in an agricultural class, 4-H club, FFA chapter, or other group, operate an enterprise using cooperative principles, may be an opportunity to teach young people entrepreneurial skills and the unique aspects of the cooperative business model, which is an important part of American agriculture. This toolkit is a great resource to learn more about developing a student- led cooperative.



Power in Numbers: Exploring the Cooperative Model for Great Lakes Baitfish Producers

A brief descriReport coverbing current challenges in the baitfish industry in the Great Lakes region and exploring potential cooperative approaches and processes to address those challenges. Follow this link to view the full report.






A Cooperative Approach to Growing the Forestry and Wood Products Industry


A Cooperative Approach to Growing the Forestry and Wood Products IndustryA brief describing the context and history of forestry and wood products co-ops in the U.S. and exploring the opportunities for cooperative approaches to modern industry challenges with a special focus on Ohio. Follow this link to view the full report







2019 NCR-SARE Youth Education Grant Project Report

The CFAES Center for Cooperatives project report for the Youth Cooperative Leadership Experience is available by following this link.

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Co-Op Mastery Workbook

Co-op Mastery WorkbookThe Co-op Mastery workbook complements Co-op Mastery: Beyond Cooperatives 101, a free online training from the Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Center for Cooperatives available here. Co-op members, directors, managers, employees, and students of cooperatives can use the workbook individually as a self-paced tool, or as a guided activity to learn about the cooperative business model.  The Co-op Mastery Workbook is available online from OSU Extension Publishing.

The 48-page workbook enhances learning with activities and examples in cooperative principles, governance, legal considerations, taxation, finance, and formation​ planning.


Trends of u.s. Agricultural cooperatives (1913-2016)

Trends of US Agricultural Cooperatives cover pageA report describing the national trends in agricultural cooperatives over the last century, examining topics like the number of cooperatives, business volume, membership size, and equity. Follow this link to view the full report






An Incubated Approach to Cooperative Development 

Cooperative development organizations employ a variety of development strategies to assist and build new cooperatives. Margaret Bau, a cooperative specialist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture conceptualizes these strategies as member initiated, incubated, and conversions. This brief explores the cooperative business model and approaches to developing cooperatives with a special focus on efforts to incubate networks of cooperatives using cases from across the United States. Click or tap here to read the brief. 


 Cooperatives have a substantial impact on the U.S. economy.  Data based on University of Wisconsin's "Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives."

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