Ohio Cooperatives

Map of Ohio's Cooperatives

This project, and the resulting map of Ohio's cooperatives, was developed to better understand the cooperative landscape in Ohio. When we started, our goal was to answer basic questions about the number, type, and geographic distribution of cooperative businesses in the Buckeye state. In short, there are 452 cooperatives headquartered in Ohio and 1,088 physical locations where cooperatives operate, from credit unions to agricultural marketing co-ops to electric cooperatives and many more.* 

The map and other tools on this page are meant to help anyone who is exploring the co-op economy.  Our hope is that cooperative developers, community members, policy makers, advocates, researchers, and entrepreneurs can use the tool as they learn about, engage, and grow Ohio’s cooperative economy. This map was built with the assistance of the Knowledge Exchange team in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State. Learn more at kx.osu.edu

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How We Counted Ohio's Cooperatives

The map above shows the almost 1,100 physical locations where cooperatives operate across the state. The map includes both cooperatives headquartered in the state, along with their branch locations in Ohio, as well as cooperatives headquartered elsewhere that have physical locations in Ohio. Users can click each map point to learn about the cooperative, including the co-op sector, year founded, and website, where available. Users can use the map’s filters to view cooperatives in specific sectors or to view only main locations. The map’s data table lists the locations and is sortable by name, location, sector, and more. The figure below shows a breakdown of cooperatives headquartered in Ohio by sector.

Cooperative headquarters in Ohio by sector.









To build the cooperative database, Center staff gathered data from numerous public sources, including industry trade associations such as the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, the Ohio Credit Union League, and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, as well as federal and state sources including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Farm Credit Administration, and the Ohio Secretary of State, among others. Center staff subsequently verified each cooperative by assessing whether the entity was mutually owned by multiple members, operated on a non-profit cooperative basis, or provided bulk purchasing on a cooperative basis. Center staff also verified whether each cooperative was still active, using public sources like websites, social media, and news articles.  For a more detailed account of our methodology, tap or click here. 

*Note, this data does not include mutual insurance companies, non-food consumer cooperatives, and non-electric utility associations. 


Learn More About Ohio's Cooperatives 

This sortable workbook includes the sector, headquarters city, number of locations, and, where available, a link to a website for each cooperative headquartered in the Buckeye state. 


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Explore Ohio's cooperatives

From breweries to laundries, Ohio is covered in diverse and unique cooperatives that play a significant role in the state’s economy.  Ohio, is home to cooperatives in a variety of sectors, including financial services, agriculture, housing, and more. Of the 452 cooperatives headquartered in Ohio, 228 are credit unions. The 1,088 physical co-op locations across the state include main locations of co-ops headquartered in Ohio, Ohio branch locations of co-ops headquartered in Ohio, and Ohio locations of co-ops not headquartered in Ohio.

1.088 physical cooperative locations in Ohio.









From small food co-ops to multi-state agricultural co-ops, Ohio's co-ops have a significant economic impact on rural and urban communities. According to the National Cooperative Bank, of the largest 100 cooperatives in the U.S. in 2019, three were headquartered in Ohio, including United Producers, Inc. (#80) headquartered in Columbus, Heritage Cooperative (#83) headquartered in Delaware, and Buckeye Power, Inc. (#84) headquartered in Columbus.    


5th Street Brewpub 

Fifth Street Brewpub in Dayton featured in PBS American Portrait








In 2012, The Fifth Street Brewpub Cooperative brought new life to a landmark in the St. Anne Hill Historic District in Dayton. Founded by local members invested in strengthening their community and restoring the building, the microbrewery has created craft brews and a full menu keeps locals coming back to the taproom. Ohio’s cooperative brewpub takes pride in the advantages that cooperation has offered to its member-owners. (Photo credit: Dayton.com


Heritage Cooperative 

From agronomy to energy services, Heritage Cooperative offers diversified services to members. Headquartered in Delaware, Ohio, Heritage Cooperative employs over 650 employees at their nearly 50 locations across Ohio and serves seven states. 


Evergreen Cooperative Laundry 

A worker at Evergreen Laundry Cooperative in Cleveland, Ohio.









Evergreen Cooperative Laundry, formed in 2009 and was the first cooperative started by the Evergreen Cooperative Initiative, which has reached global acclaim for its unique application of the cooperative business model. From hotels to hospitals, Evergreen Cooperative Laundry provides cost-effective commercial laundering services to industries across Cleveland. (Photo credit: Janet Century, "Cleveland's Job Creation Network"


South Central Power Company 

Power lines.









Started by nine member-owners from Fairfield, Perry, and Pickaway Counties in 1936, South Central  Power Company now covers 24 counties across central Ohio. Maintaining more than 12,000 miles of power lines and keeping 120,000 customers' lights on, South Central Power looks to the unifying cooperative principles to lead their member-owners into the future. 


Casa Nueva 


In operation for over 30 years, Casa Nueva is a beloved worker-owned restaurant and cantina in Athens, Ohio. Focused on developing the local community, the restaurant provides stable jobs and careers in their Southeastern Ohio community and works directly with farmers to source product locally where possible. Nestled in a college town, Casa Nueva has made their worker-owned restaurant a staple in the community by basing it in the community. 


Farm Credit Mid America

Farm fields.









With nearly 20 locations across Ohio, Farm Credit Mid- America serves Ohioans as a member of the national Farm Credit System. Farm Credit Mid America plays a vital role in supporting agriculture and rural development . From funding new infrastructure projects to helping farmers grow, Farm Credit Mid-America works with member-owners to shape rural America's future. 


Atomic Credit Union 

In 1955, Atomic Credit Union was started to serve those who worked at the Atomic Plant in Piketon, Ohio and their families. In 2021, Atomic Credit Union has 14 branches serving over five counties in Southern Ohio. From loan services to local banking options, Atomic Credit Union has helped rural communities across Appalachian Ohio by putting the community at the forefront of cooperation. (Video credit: Atomic Credit Union)


Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative 

Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative was formed in 2016 by southwest Ohio livestock farmers who wanted to expand their markets for locally raised beef and increase  farmers’ incomes. The emerging co-op markets beef to retailers and directly to consumers. (Video credit: Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative)

This project was completed by Hannah Scott, Charissa Gardner, and Ryan Kline with the College of Food, Agriculutral, and Environmental Sciences Center for Cooperatives at Ohio State.